Sunday 28 December 2014



The Cowl T has been a hot favourite for the last few Summers.

Throw it on and enjoy all the comfort that a favourite T shirt provides, with the directional edge that the cowl provides.

At Berserk we are producing the Cowl in a number of fabric options.

The Marine Blue and Apple Green T's shown here are cut from pure cotton. This fabric has no elastane in it, so has a minimal amount of stretch. The natural fibre allows for maximum coolness in hot and humid weather.


We have a plain Black cotton elastane blend which is softer to the touch and has a much greater stretch than the pure cotton versions.

The fullness of the cowl can be folded across the chest and secured with a brooch. In plain black, this formation of the cowl takes on a sleek Japanese inspired look.

The navy/grey/white uneven stripe fabric is also an elastane blend. This stripe combination is a fresh take on the classic Riviera stripe look favoured for Summer.

We are working our way through some new colour options at the moment, check the Berserk Face Book page for regular updates.

The Cowl is available from Small through to Extra Large (10 - 16 roughly), all fabrics are $59.

Message us for any further enquiries or for postal orders.

Sunday 16 November 2014

Rescue my site competition

As a small manufacturer most of my moola goes into fabric and production. I would love to improve my website and online presence, but there never seems to be enough money left over to really get into it.
Hopefully I will get some where with this 'rescue my site' competition.
If you could spare a minute to click on the link and cast a vote, that would be fantastic!
If you can share on Face Book, that would be awesome!
I have found that you can cast more than one vote, if you revisit the site too!!

I am much better at doing this type of stuff than website and online store tasks!

                                                        BIG THANKS again for all votes.

Saturday 8 November 2014

The 'C' word

 We have only just sailed into November, unyet we find ourselves surrounded by the 'C' word, yup Christmas!

You have to feel sorry for those poor little kiddies these days. It was bad enough in my early years counting up from December 1st to the big day, but now it seems to start as soon as there are no other holidays or occasions  on the horizon.

The best way to get through Christmas is to be organised, and not leave anything until the last minute. So start selecting those gifts, write those Christmas wishes (you can send them later) and stash away the non perishables.

Our Christmases have come at once, no really, in the store with the delivery of Able and Games witty Christmas wishes for 2014.

We have also received a stash of Kitty and Melbourne station calendars, and desk diaries.

Cards are $5.50 each or 4 for $18. Calendars and diaries are $25. - all with free post.
Contact us at or 03 9041 2441 for more info., or to arrange a phone payment and post.

Merry X -Mass!!

Friday 31 October 2014


 It happens every year at this time, but we never fail to get excited when the seasonal change comes around.

Soon we will be run off our feet with Summer parties, Weddings and Christmas functions. The race season offers us, in Melbourne, an opportunity to catch up with friends and enjoy the moment.

This is the time when those of us who run retail stores are inundated with new deliveries. It's like Christmas has come early, except you don't get to keep everything!

We have just received a delivery of these gorgeous silk/cotton blend printed tops by Miranda Murphy. They are the designers original prints and come in a cuffed T, or pleated version. at $89 they are very reasonably priced as well. An instant wardrobe update, or perfect gift for the friend who has everything!

We are also going for gold with our new arrival of Each to Own jewellery. Gorgeous flaky chunks of silver and gold suspended in resin. How clever, to make a splash of shine look this classy and fun! Glitter drops start from $24. There are also painted Tasmanian black wood pieces and resin in opaque brights in this clever and unique range.

The Berserk store also holds a huge range of dresses for all occasions, with prices ranging from $159 - $299.

Pants in denim or Black drill in skinny and wide leg.

One off hats in vintage fabrics, and lots,  lots more. Check out our FB page for immediate updates.

Saturday 18 October 2014


 When the season begins to ebb and change, the same question arises - what am I going to wear?

We peer into the furthest corner of the wardrobe, stir draws in the hope of unearthing some long forgotten treasure.

It is highly probable that we will find last years favourite jersey top looking a nasty shade of brown, rather than the polished Black top we purchased at the start of the season.

 Zips a little tighter than the year before?

 Pants that bag over the waist and hips you've been working out on all Winter?

The V panel vest shown is a great all rounder, wear as a sleeveless top, or with a t shirt underneath. Works with long sleeves in colder climates as well!The side panels are cut from stretch fabrics.  The designs shown are limited to one size range, or less! By Berserk $95

News in the store: at 133 Union Rd, Ascot Vale   3032
We are proud to be stocking some of Melbourne's most loved independent designers. Our current list includes:
Temps Perdu
Orange Owl
The Gently Unfurling Sneak

and jewellery from:

Each to Own
Shabana Jacobson
Resinate and more.
Check out our Face Book page for regular stock updates!

Sunday 24 August 2014


 Hoorah! The Berserk shop and studio is now open for business.

I underestimated how long it would take to pack up 10 years of collected fabric and trims, along with all of the other machinery and equipment necessary for the manufacture of clothing.

I hope to get back into production this week as I am feeling renewed, refreshed and inspired by the new season.

I am really happy with what I have achieved in the new space. It will be a work in progress for the next few months (years?). I feel I have created the atmosphere I was alluding to -a salon style store, with a roomy private fitting room , a little bit of quirk and fully focused customer service.

I have selected some of my favourite local makers to stock in the store including -

OKOK tights and legwear

Shonah wooden jewellery

Rant  sustainable fashion made from bamboo and selected hard wearing fabrics. Great basics and a few directional pieces, carefully created to go the distance.

Temps Perdu interesting pieces for day wear or occasion. Each piece has a twist, drape or pleat.

The Gently Unfurling Sneak - digitally printed silk tops, all original artwork

Resinate - Resin jewellery made locally in Brunswick using beautiful Japanese inspired papers amongst hundreds of designs.

Little Love scented soy candles, which come in lovely faceted glass jars.

Shabana handmade silver jewellery, enamelled, oxidised and cute kitties and sausage dogs in this extensive range

Missy Mao Mao bags, these satchels are made to last, there is always something new in this range.

Other labels include Able & Game cards and tea towels, Ikandi jewellery and lots more on order for Summer.

We are in the process of listing as much as possible on the new online store:

Shop hours :
Mon/Tues                  12 - 6pm
Wed/Thurs/Fri             9 - 6pm
Sat                                9 - 5pm

phone 03 9041 2441

Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday 22 July 2014

Huge chores

This is my new store, if I can ever manage to get myself in there! I have been in the Brunswick business incubator for 8 years or so now, so have gathered more than a 'bit' of stuff!

It is going to be great to have a new set up. It will be really nice having the shop onsite, being able to show fabrics for special orders, and do little alterations on the spot.

It will be great being on a shopping strip and watching the world go by. Finding new storage options to make things run more smoothly....

I just need to get it together and get in there! My plan at the moment is to clear the big stuff out so I can get the moving truck in, then go back room by room and clear out.
So I better shut down the computer and stop distracting myself!!

My new address is:

                           133 Union Rd
                             Ascot Vale                 3032
                          phone 9041 2441

I will be stocking other labels, as well as Berserk. All made in Australia. Like this Finch necklace. If you cannot wait until next week, I have started loading some of these items onto my online store or you can click on the shopping cart on my Berserk Face book Page.

Monday 7 July 2014


We are really chuffed to be apart of the 10th anniversary Design market, it should be a great one!

Years before having thought of participating as a stallholder, I have attended as a shopper. Some of my favourite pieces of jewellery and knit wear were purchased at the Design market.

Start saving up your cash stash, it's bound to be a fantastic day!

Monday 23 June 2014


Very exciting times ahead for the Berserk team! We are moving to a combined shop/studio at:

                133 Union Rd, Ascot Vale, Vic     3032
                            ph 03  9041 2441

We are hoping to open the shop by the 4th of July, 2014.
The shop will house work by some of our favourite local designers, all stock will be made in Australia.

Update 5th July,2014: The new store will not be open until the end of July. Will keep you posted on developments!

You can also look forward to seeing a slightly new direction in the coming Berserk ranges.

Find us on Face Book- Berserk (entering Melbourne helps narrow it down)
                  Instagram - BERSERKWORLD

Shop online on Etzy - BerserkMelbourne

website :

Friday 25 April 2014


We are very excited to announce our first interstate market!

Find us at the Bowerbird market in Adelaide, from Friday 2nd May at 4pm, and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Berserk will preview new looks from our Winter collection, along side the vintage panel skirts and pieces we are renowned for.

Tuesday 25 March 2014


 We've has a few changes around the Berserk studio of late, and there are a lot more changes to come.....

We are getting out there, and into it on the market front. It is great meeting old and new customers and listening feedback first hand.

We have been at the Shirt and Skirt market at the Abbotsford convent. This happens on the third Sunday of the month. The surrounds at the venue make for an enjoyable and relaxed day. There are stalls that don't sell either skirts or shirts, and there is a secondary craft market inside one of the main halls which features in genuine Nana knits, soap and fudge!

A huge event for us in May, will be attending the Bowerbird market in Adelaide, which runs over a Friday night and the weekend. Sounds like we will need a week to get over that one! It runs from May 2nd - 4th at the Adelaide show grounds, and looks like it is going to be hard not to spend money at!!

I have posted some happy T- shirt designs that we have recently produced. These are a blend of fabrics, but many feature a beautiful striped Italian mercerised cotton.The neckline shape is really flattering on.

We are madly working on Winter, and are heading in a fresh new direction. Which means almost all new patterns, so lots of grading and sampling ahead, but it will all be worth it!

Monday 6 January 2014


              WELCOME TO 2014!

 I attended business coaching a while ago, one of the first things the coach asked me is what I would like to do outside of work that I am not doing now.

I remembered reading about the Patsy Fox drawing Salon which launched at Melbourne Fashion week in 2010. The teacher, Angie Rehe is a lecturer in fashion and fashion illustration at RMIT and other educational facilities in Melbourne.

So I elected to join the drawing salon, and I did!

What originally just 'popped' into my head in answer to the coaches question, has become one of the most beneficial decisions I have made in years.

Drawing has reignited a passion for art, it had always been there,
but had fallen by the wayside.I am back to reading about art, visiting galleries, and practicing drawing. Much of my world seems bigger and brighter now viewed from the eye of an artist, rather than a pedestrian!!

When I started the introduction to fashion illustration course, I was deflated by how bad I was! I thought I would slot in easily, guess it had been a long time since picking up the pencil!

At the completion of the last term of Intermediate fashion illustration I felt like I was starting to 'get it'. I became more comfortable with the mediums we use. Getting a paint brush to move the way you intend can be difficult when you have not had a huge amount of experience!

In this new year I have promised myself to keep up the practise outside of class. It is good for the brain and the soul!

My New Year advise to you is that if you have been contemplating a new hobby, sport or gaining further education STOP MAKING EXCUSES!
Commit to it, make the time for it. You don't need to spend loads of money to get started. If you want to join a class and money is an issue, start putting notes away. For example every $5 or $10 note you get goes into the fund for your new venture.

Good luck and Happy 2014!W