Saturday 8 November 2014

The 'C' word

 We have only just sailed into November, unyet we find ourselves surrounded by the 'C' word, yup Christmas!

You have to feel sorry for those poor little kiddies these days. It was bad enough in my early years counting up from December 1st to the big day, but now it seems to start as soon as there are no other holidays or occasions  on the horizon.

The best way to get through Christmas is to be organised, and not leave anything until the last minute. So start selecting those gifts, write those Christmas wishes (you can send them later) and stash away the non perishables.

Our Christmases have come at once, no really, in the store with the delivery of Able and Games witty Christmas wishes for 2014.

We have also received a stash of Kitty and Melbourne station calendars, and desk diaries.

Cards are $5.50 each or 4 for $18. Calendars and diaries are $25. - all with free post.
Contact us at or 03 9041 2441 for more info., or to arrange a phone payment and post.

Merry X -Mass!!

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