Saturday 5 December 2015

Handmade Canberra

BERSERK is hitting the road, and will be at the amazing HANDMADE CANBERRA market DECEMBER 12 & 13TH.

Come and peruse our new collection!

Saturday 21 November 2015

Wolf at the door SALE!





We have called a snap 'Wolf at the door' SALE. The bills are piling up, and we need to knock them off as soon as possible.

Then we can get back to doing what we do best - creating beautiful garments!

Shop online at:       free post on most items!   

Friday 2 October 2015

Drowning in a beautiful sea....of skirts.


Its full steam ahead for Summer! Sparks are flying from the scissors, the machines are a constant whir, and the iron is pressing hot.

Vintage fabric stocks are running low, so now is the time to purchase a panel skirt.

Our new Swing skirts are swishy and stretchy, a statement in their own right.

Timeless denim pieces all have pockets, as a girl about town can't be caught without her phone!    links to our online store.

Sunday 20 September 2015


Berserk road show will be heading to Canberra for the Handmade market, September 26 & 27th. Lots of new goodies for Summer.

Hope to see you there! Check our Face Book page for new styles as they come out of production!

Monday 3 August 2015


Seems this super cold winter is really slowing people down and keeping them off the street!

We have thrown together a SALE rack, consisting of 'last of's' as well as some of the more seasonal pieces we would like to say Goodbye to before it gets too hot.

Find most reduced pieces on our online store, still with no postage charges:

We appreciate your support, and hope you will share our store with your friends and family, so that we may continue to support independent Australian made product.

Sunday 28 June 2015

How Sweet it is...

 How sweet it is to be loved by wool!

Just a quick update today, we are madly cranking out the woollies in the studio.
There have been quite a few unpleasant hic up's in our Winter production (like a total write off car crash), never the less we are forging on.

The shears are smashing through metre upon metre of beautiful wool flannels. The Cowl vest shown, is a quality fine wool pinstriped in white
                           and raspberry. Feels amazing!

                           Lots more on the way, check our face book  page for the most recent updates. Also shown here is a Resinate brooch, and Rant merino wool tunic. All available in our store, or online.

Monday 18 May 2015

Bam bam bamboo

 I had never owned a bamboo garment until recently acquiring one of the new Winter pieces by Rant.
I am a convert! The bamboo has some weight to it, it drapes differently to cotton, but it is not too thick to feel prohibitive.
Bamboo doesn't fade like cotton and it breathes.
This Winter range from the northern sustainable shows pieces in prints and plains that are clever performers, that won't date, and will easily slot in with your existing outfits.
The label has the bamboo fabric knit to their specifications, so it is ethical as well as being of the upmost quality.
Lots more instore, including Merino and viscose pieces from the Winter '15 range.

Sunday 5 April 2015

Wonderful Winter

We are spinning in a Winter wonderland at the Berserk studio store.

So many gorgeous garments from Australian Independent designers have arrived for Winter.

If you are not in Melbourne, you can check out our online store:

or keep up with the newest arrivals on our face book page:

We have started the new season with cotton pieces that will work in all sorts of weather, layer with long sleeves underneath!

The roll neck top shown is the first style from a  slightly new direction we are steering the label in. Lots more to come starting  coats ,jackets and knits!

Friday 27 February 2015

New Seasons Greetings

New Seasons stock is on the way....

Winter deliveries are on the way! Not big chunky woollies, but lots of interesting vests and layering pieces. Big floaty skirts and these panel skirts that work year round.

We have been working hard and fast in the Berserk studio to get new pieces out and onto the racks.

These are some of the fabrics we are working with.

Check our Face Book page for regular updates on new deliveries!

Wednesday 11 February 2015

V Day not far away!



Valentines Day doesn't have to be about the biggest and most expensive gifts, it's the sentiment that counts!
Able & Game have got just about every sentiment covered, from Baldy to puny and Zombies to kitties!
Cards $5.50    Tea towels $22