Monday 17 June 2013

Back to the Future

 How time flies........

Here we are in the midst of a really cold Winter in Melbourne.

It is lovely to have a true seasonal change as last Winter was so mild.

You appreciate things more when it is really cold, like a warm cup of coffee. Melbourne's staple!

Soup, and warm crusty rolls - yum! it gets boring living on salad.

Despite it being so cold this year, I have not delved into the wool pile much at all. That will come.

I am enjoying the challenge of pairing up some of my treasured vintage prints with contrasting colours, to produce these  panel skirts.

There does not seem to be much variety in fabric available at  the moment.

I guess that is because of all of the labels manufacturing in China and not bringing fabric into the country.

I think these panels work really well. The vertical lines are flattering.

 The main fabric is stretch drill for a little more comfort.

I like to mix old with new to produce a contemporary garment, rather than head to toe vintage looks.

Most of these fabrics are bark cloths, so they have the texture under the prints.

I wish I had rolls of some of these prints, they are so striking.

Most of them are only available in small quantites, many have been curtains.

I imagine all of the textile designers sitting at their draught boards, paint brush in hand.....