Monday 6 January 2014


              WELCOME TO 2014!

 I attended business coaching a while ago, one of the first things the coach asked me is what I would like to do outside of work that I am not doing now.

I remembered reading about the Patsy Fox drawing Salon which launched at Melbourne Fashion week in 2010. The teacher, Angie Rehe is a lecturer in fashion and fashion illustration at RMIT and other educational facilities in Melbourne.

So I elected to join the drawing salon, and I did!

What originally just 'popped' into my head in answer to the coaches question, has become one of the most beneficial decisions I have made in years.

Drawing has reignited a passion for art, it had always been there,
but had fallen by the wayside.I am back to reading about art, visiting galleries, and practicing drawing. Much of my world seems bigger and brighter now viewed from the eye of an artist, rather than a pedestrian!!

When I started the introduction to fashion illustration course, I was deflated by how bad I was! I thought I would slot in easily, guess it had been a long time since picking up the pencil!

At the completion of the last term of Intermediate fashion illustration I felt like I was starting to 'get it'. I became more comfortable with the mediums we use. Getting a paint brush to move the way you intend can be difficult when you have not had a huge amount of experience!

In this new year I have promised myself to keep up the practise outside of class. It is good for the brain and the soul!

My New Year advise to you is that if you have been contemplating a new hobby, sport or gaining further education STOP MAKING EXCUSES!
Commit to it, make the time for it. You don't need to spend loads of money to get started. If you want to join a class and money is an issue, start putting notes away. For example every $5 or $10 note you get goes into the fund for your new venture.

Good luck and Happy 2014!W

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