Sunday 2 December 2012


Actually this room does not have a view at all, in fact it doesn't even have a window.
However, it does hold an abundance of textile type treasures,which are best stored away from heat and direct sunlight.

 I recently purchased some shelving from Carla from Emotional Baggage, who has moved her business out of the business incubator. It was too much to pass up a  purchase of  shelving which would be carried to your door, no construction or transport required!

It has been a fantastic voyage of discovery grouping collections of fabrics into tonal colour piles. Unpacking boxes and unearthing much loved, and long forgotten treasured vintage pieces.

Will there come a day that the world runs out of vintage? I would like to learn more about the printing processes used. Many vintage fabrics have a subtle tonal effect,which is not photographic, but seems much more varied than screen prints would allow?

I love sitting in this store room. I love standing in this store room....for extended periods of time! So much inspiration comes from just being in this store room - seeing the colours collecting them selves, and feeling the textures of the fabrics.

I have started on my block colours shelf as well now, which also has stripes and textured fabrics to mix up with the vintage.

You may spy many of the pieces from this collection in the garments we are constructing this Summer.

So will there come a day that the world runs out of vintage textiles?

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