Sunday 18 November 2012

night forest


I have an extensive collection of vintage fabrics. I love to sit in my store room, and just look at them! The beautiful colours, texture and subject of the prints mesmorizes me!

I have decided that I have I have to stop hoarding,and get these special fabrics back out into the world.

The black and white tree print is on a medium weight cotton drill. I would estimate that it was printed in the late 60's to early 70's judging by the feel of the fabric, and the subject matter.

Black and white made a very modern, alternative statement in that period. The average home would  have been dressed in loud florals of 1970's vintage, or the more traditional rose bouquet type floral print.
 This is a limited edition skirt,as I only have a metre or so of the tree fabric.

We have cut an asymetrical panel in the 'night forest' fabric, with the black and white stripe fabric running across the front and back on the right hand side.

The front has a band in black stitiched in between the stripe and feature panel, with two buttons on the lower front.

We have stitiched a sneaky little faux placket at the back,this is stitched down, and serves no purpose other than to add a bit of 'quirk'.

Available at The Cats Meow
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